Adding Sources

Different ways of adding source material for archive

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Add a source

When a new camera card or hard drive is connected for the first time a panel will popup allowing mounting as a unlocked or locked source.
With camera cards keeping then locked will prevent anything being written to them.
With a hard drive add them unlocked as this will allow YoYotta to write the index metadata back to the directory making it quicker to index another time.
Click Ignore if you want to use it as a destination or the drive is not related to the project.
This preference will be remembered.

Drive mounted

Here the drive was mounted read-only to protect the contents. When finished click the eject button to unmount or the - button to leave the drive mounted.

Click the lock to toggle the write protect.
The Finder eject will not work whilst the drive is in the YoYotta job table. Click - and then the Finder eject will work.

Using the + button

A list of connected drives is shown, select one and click Add Selected or Choose Other... to open a dialog.
Clicking the lock will enable or disable writing to the drive. Do this if you want to use the drive as a destination.

Drag and drop

Drag in a folder from the Finder.
It is not possible to drag files, just folders. If you do need to archive a few files then you can use Finder to create a subfolder and move them in. Then drop this new folder into YoYotta.

Adding another source folder

When dragging another folder drop it above or below the existing source.

Two independent jobs

Here there are two jobs which can be archived to independent destinations.

Multiple source copy

Drag folders into an existing source to create a single job from multiple sources. This is useful when there are related files to archive from different locations. Or you may want to just select some folders from a source. There will be one report showing all the source files.

Multiple source copy

The first source 'Alexa Recent' has four subfolders from volume SSD1. The full path is shown on the bottom left of the GUI.

Multiple source copy

The last source 'CR2 Sequence' is on volume RAID1. The destination path has been set to include the folder name as described below.

Volume, Parent and Base

It is useful to add the folder name into the destination path.
The tokens Volume, Parent and Base will automatically be replaced with path of the source path. In this job the token Base is replaced with 'Alexa Recent' or 'CR2 Sequence'.

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